Creator at heart

Hey, I’m Josh Millward! Whether I’m on set with a production crew or in an editing den finding up graphics, I’ve always loved being a Creator. I’ve worked as a Production Assistant on various projects since January 2023 and it’s been a blast! By day I’m a Motion Designer for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, animating all kinds of videos for over two years.

my craft

Crew Member

I’ve worked as an A2, Production Assistant, and Camera Operator on all kinds of projects. I’ve mostly worked with Number 7 Entertainment, but have also done some freelance with my company PineLens Productions.

Professional Animation

Motion Graphics and Post Production is my strong suit. I am experienced in After Effects, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut pro, and Logic Pro X. I’ve worked for the church for over two years, and have freelanced as well.

Video Production

Along with my industry work, I freelance for at weddings, performances, and marketing material. I’ve worked with Snow College and Reagan Academy on live performances, as well as Mizu Pool Covers working on ads and promotional material.

Why me?


I'm familiar with every step of the production process. I'm eager to face challenges, continue to learn, and expand my skill set.


I have much experience in leadership, looking to bring others up whether I lead a team or lead others by example.


I am a creator. Whether it's a live show, short form content, or an electric guitar, I love the satisfaction of creating something awesome.