Josh Millward in a blue suit

I’ve been creating ever since I was little. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and after moving around a little we settled on Provo. I never was one for sports, usually favoring computers or Legos instead. My first video was made in an accelerated program in kindergarten, and that’s when I fell in love with film.

In seventh grade I bought my first iPod touch, which was the first time I had real access to a camera. I spent a lot of time making all sorts of videos. I edited on iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, before uploading them to early days Youtube. They weren’t Oscar winners, but after a lot of time making terrible things, eventually you make one kind of good thing.

Finally in high school I started making lots of kind of good things. I picked up Premiere Pro, which has been my editing program of choice ever since. I tried my hand at After Effects, Audition, and Final Cut Pro as well. One of my responsibilities of being Student Body President was overseeing the morning announcements, which meant I got a ton of practice making a new video every single week.

After I graduated, things got serious. I had the opportunity to serve a Service Mission, where I was involved in church productions. I served as an Animator for two years doing all kinds of projects, and becoming experienced in Adobe After Effects. I was also able to serve as a producer’s assistant, running motion graphics, working as a grip, and as an audio technician. 

I am currently enrolled at UVU. I’m majoring in Digital Marketing and Animation. I absolutely love it, and I’m constantly improving my craft. I am president of the Artificial Intelligence Interface Club at UVU, and am working on a unit to teach Ai in English 1010 and 2010. I still make my own Youtube videos, and I frequently consult for local businesses. 

I’ve also picked up some other skills along the way! I’m into tech, writing this post on a computer I built. I’ve been playing guitar for three years now, and been in a band called Denver & Thistle for two. We’ve played in Provo, Orem, and Salt Lake. 

If you need someone for marketing, animation, or video editing, I’m your guy!

Why me?


I'm familiar with every step of the production process. I'm eager to face challenges, continue to learn, and expand my skill set.


I have much experience in leadership, looking to bring others up whether I lead a team or lead others by example.

Professional Editing

I am a creator. Whether it's a live show, short form content, or an electric guitar, I love the satisfaction of creating something awesome.