Video Production

I’ve been involved in every step of production. From Script Writing to Editing, VFX to Concept Art, I’m ready to take on any production challenge.

Professional Animation

Motion Graphics and Post Production is my strong suit. I am experienced in After Effects, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut pro, and Logic Pro X.

Live Events

I have experience in live broadcast camera work, along with live mixing, and event hosting. I work well under pressure, and can adapt quickly.






This is one of the most recent videos I made diving deep into the accuracy of Ai Large Language Models like ChatGPT. Not only do I analyze, interpret, and communicate the findings of my research, I also filmed and edited the presentation into a concise Youtube video. This video was completed in three days.

My stylistic inspirations included SciShow, Linus Tech Tips, and Tom Scott. The most important skill I practiced in this video was keeping the audience engaged without background music, leading to a more professional final product.